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National Football Museum: Red Stars – A history of Russian football

National Football Museum: Red Stars – A history of Russian football

National Football Museum: Red Stars – A history of Russian football

In June 2018 we were asked by The National Football Museum to mount and frame a selection of vintage football posters for their exhibition ‘Red Stars: A History of Russian Football’. It was a pleasure to be involved in preserving these delicate original pieces for public display.

Stage 1: Artwork

The artwork for this custom framing job was provided by The National Football Museum. These were six original vintage posters in various sizes, each one depicting a different aspect of Russian football history. Due to the age and delicate nature of the paper, these had to be handled with great care and attention throughout the framing process.


In order to preserve the artwork to museum standards, the posters were attached to conservation board using an archival hinging method. This involves suspending the artwork from a paper hinge to a very small area of the artwork. This securely holds the artwork in place, whilst being completely reversible should the art work need to be reframed in the future.


As each poster was a unique size, they were carefully measured so that window mounts could be created to fit each piece. We used high quality 2400mic conservation board to create the window mounts. Many of these vintage designs had text positioned close to edge so we needed precision cutting of the aperture to ensure that the text wasn’t obstructed.


The six frames were carefully selected to best compliment the various designs whilst giving them a uniform look. Between our framers and the museum curators, it was agreed that a black frame with an open grain look would be the best fit. As these were for exhibition in a well lit gallery, it was agreed that anti-reflective glass would be the best option for finishing these frames.